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All good things seem to stem from Ancient Greece. Engagement rings are no exception, since some of the earliest records speaking of lovers sharing rings before getting married originate in that ancient, fascinating land. The Romans have also adopted the tradition around the same time, and according to some historians, the origins of engagement rings can only be traced back as far as Rome.

Throughout the following centuries, engagement rings became commonplace in Rome, and later spread to other cultures as well. The Visigothic Code depicted in the 7th century required that a ring be used to commemorate betrothals. Also, Pope Nicholas I was the first pope who acknowledged the use of engagement rings in the western Roman Catholic Church.

The first documented use of a diamond ring dates back to the Renaissance, while the age of Enlightenment saw the use of posie and gimmal rings as being the most popular choice for engagement practices.

With the increase of diamond output in the Victorian Era, diamond rings slowly began to become the most popular choices for betrothal rings during the mid 1800s, and the practice was later adopted by the United States after a brief period when diamond rings had gone out of style during the First World War and the Great Depression.

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