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Custom Design

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Littleton Jewelry is proud to have one of the largest selections of bridal and engagement rings in Highlands Ranch and the greater Denver area, ranging in style and price to fit every taste and budget. From elegant micro-pave sets to classic solitaires, our inventory is vast, varied and always changing. And if you have your heart set on participating in the design-process, we happily welcome your input and would be honored to work with you on creating a custom ring for your special day.

We’re committed to making you happy!

At Littleton Jewelry, our business plan is simple- make our customers happy!
Here’s how the process will go:

First up…

We discuss your budget and ideas with our designers and devise a plan and timeline for creating your custom ring.


We review your ring design and provide feedback to the designer to ensure your complete satisfaction and that we will exceed your expectations.

Step 1


Choose your style, stones and metal

Meet with us and share your ideas, expectations and outline how you’d like to proceed. Our designers will listen attentively to your thoughts and work to craft a plan for your ring or ring set.

Step 2


Preview your ring

See your design come to life with our in-house jewelry artist. You can expect to be presented with several sketch options prior to moving ahead. Remember, we’re not happy until you’re happy, so we’ll keep working until that’s unequivocally true.

Step 3


Construct the 3D model

After you approve the final sketch of your ring, we will hand it off to our modeling experts, who will in-turn produce a CAD (computer-aided design,) giving you the full feel and layout of your ring design.

Step 4


Preview your engagement ring prototype

Once the 3D CAD is approved, we will prepare the wax prototype for your review. With the wax version of your ring, you’ll be able to get a real-life sense of the perspective and feel of your custom engagement ring.

Step 5


Almost there…

The final step once your prototype is approved is for our expert goldsmiths to cast the ring into it’s final form. We will set the stones with absolute precision and finally provide you with a beautiful, quality ring of your custom design!

Custom Jewelry Design in Denver

Every bride needs a ring that is unique and heartfelt. And what is the best way to get that ring than get it custom-made? We provide custom jewelry in Denver for people who want to make their engagement and weddings special with a beautiful gesture. Our custom jewelry design service is designed to provide you a hassle-free solution to make your ideas come alive.

We have been providing custom jewelry in Denver for decades and we know what people look for in an engagement and bridal rings. Your special engagement ring doesn’t have to be from a well-known brand. It can be a simple and beautiful and still be the best design in the world. We promise to make your ideas come alive with custom jewelry making service.

Trust Our Talented Jewelry Makers

As said before, we have been providing high-quality and customized service for years, which is why you can trust us. Our highly experienced and talented artists will help you make your dream design come true. From making a sketch to creating a prototype and then finally casting it, we will make sure your rings looks exactly the way you want it to be.
We follow 5-step procedure to ensure the best results:
1. Your design ideas, metals, stones and style
2. Making sketch of your ring design
3. Creating 3D model
4. Making a wax prototype
5. Casting and setting – the final stage

Every step is important for creating the ring you deserve for the special occasion. Our custom jewelry in Denver can make your special day memorable with a beautiful, customized ring design.

Exquisite Custom Jewelry in Denver, Colorado – Littleton Fine Jewelry

Are you searching for one-of-a-kind custom jewelry in Denver, Colorado? Look no further than Littleton Jewelry, your premier destination for personalized and handcrafted masterpieces. As a trusted custom jeweler in Denver, we specialize in creating unique and breathtaking jewelry pieces that reflect your individual style and personality.

At Littleton Jewelry, we understand the significance of wearing jewelry that is as unique as you are. Our skilled artisans utilize their expertise to craft exquisite custom-made jewelry, ensuring every detail exceeds your expectations. Whether you desire a custom engagement ring, personalized necklace, or a bespoke bracelet, we bring your vision to life with precision and attention to detail.

Conveniently located in Denver, our showroom showcases an array of stunning handmade jewelry that exemplifies our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. With a wide selection of gemstones, precious metals, and design options, we provide a truly personalized experience.

When it comes to custom jewelry near you, Littleton Jewelry is your trusted partner in creating timeless treasures that will be cherished for generations. Visit our website or schedule a consultation today to embark on a journey of creating your dream piece.

Need more information? Give us a quick call at (303) 794-4310 and connect with us.