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Buying a new necklace for you can be exciting, but it’s always worth taking a little time before purchasing one to contemplate the look of the pendant and the entire look of the chain. So, if you are not sure where to begin when it comes to selecting the right necklace from fine jewelry stores near me, here are some factors to consider before you get started.

1-Neck Size

Generally, it’s recommended before looking for jewelers near me that you take some time before purchasing a necklace to measure the size of your neck. However, it does not need to take a long time, & it might be well worth it.

With regard to how you do a neck measurement, the easiest way of doing it is to utilize a measuring tape & then wrap it carefully around your neck.

Once you get your neck measurement, it’s recommended to add about 4-5 inches to that & you will have a perfect length for a name necklace or pendant.

2-Face Shape

Before searching jewelers near me, know that necklaces, apart from being an accessory, also genuinely helps to frame your face. So, just like your body type, a necklace might also help you emphasize your optimal facial features & change the way others judge your face.

Women having round faces must avoid chokers or short necklaces as they will underline the roundness of their faces. |On the other hand, those with oval-shaped faces might take advantage of any necklace trend as they can wear almost any length, shape, or kind of necklace.

Women with long-shaped faces who might want to broaden & soften their face shape should go for shorter necklaces as it will avoid adding length. They must search for chokers & princess necklaces, between size 16” to 18”.

Heart-shaped faces look grand with chokers or any other short necklace as they develop an illusion of fullness & compensate for a narrow chin.


A necklace might make or break an attire: after all, it might be a convenor of everything you’re wearing. Therefore, you should think about selecting a necklace that is complementary to your body type before searching fine jewelry stores near me: & one of the best ways you might do this is by

considering your height.

Experts recommend 16– to 20-inch necklace lengths for women under 5’4 inches. Generally, long necklaces are neglected for shorter women as they tend to subdue a more diminutive frame.

Women who are between 5’4” & 5’7” might typically wear a necklace of any length, but a long-chain necklace tends to look great on taller women as they emphasize taller frames.

4-Necklace design

You have different choices as for design, whether you choose the modern look or eternal classic. You could look at custom jewelers near me, where the pieces are crafted separately for you, or you might restore something antique & inherited & make it custom-made in its own way.

If you are searching for diamonds, you’ll need to consider the four C’s of color, cut, carat & clarity, & having it polished might unveil the best in your necklace.

5-Body Type

Before searching for fine jewelry stores near me, it might also be worth considering your body type while deciding on the necklace length of the jewelry you are considering buying.

Also, surprisingly you might find your body is allergic to some precious metals. For example, some individuals find they are allergic to lower karat gold or silver. Therefore, it’s best to figure this out before investing in the appropriate necklace for you, as it will be resting over your skin for a lot of time.

6-Consider your Wardrobe

Well, there is no point in choosing a necklace that you simply don’t find yourself being able to wear with any of the existing clothes you’re currently having. That’s why while selecting your necklace by searching for fine jewelry stores near me, you must first consider your wardrobe so that you select a necklace that is likely to suit multiple outfits.

Necklace Chart

Here, let’s take a look at the available necklace lengths & neckline styles before you look for jewelers near me.

Necklace Length

1-Length: 14”

  • Style: Collar
  • Placing: Tight around your neck
  • It goes best with clothing with open-neck, like V-necks, scoop necks, off-the-shoulder & boatnecks

2-Length: 16” 

  • Style: Choker
  • Placing: Tight over the base of your throat
  • It goes best with nearly everything except high crew necks & turtlenecks

3-Length: 18” 

  • Style: Princess
  • Placing: On your collarbone
  • It goes best with High-neck & crew neck styles & plunging necklines

4-Length 20” to 24”

  • Style: Matinee
  • Placing: Between your collarbone & the bust
  • It goes best with everything! Best for casual & business wear

5-Length: 28” to 36” 

  • Style: Opera
  • Placing: On your bust or one or two inches below
  • It goes best with evening wear & high necklines

6-Length: 36” to 42” 

  • Style: Rope
  • Placing: Wrapped to sit on or just below the center of the bust
  • It goes best with fashionable business & evening wear

Neckline Styles:

  • Boat Neck
  • Crew Neck
  • Turtle Neck
  • V-Neck
  • Sweetheart Neck
  • Scoop Neck


Now that you have the appropriate knowledge on selecting the perfect necklace considering your body type & Shape, we hope you will find no further issues while buying them.

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