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Diamond, the symbol of love and romance, is fascinating for many reasons. No engagement is complete without a diamond ring. It is a stone that makes the occasion special. When you visit jewelry stores in Denver to buy a diamond ring, you will be spoilt for choices. You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs.

Apart from the beauty, enigma and consumerism, diamond has many other things to boost of. These fun facts will actually make you fall in love with the stone all over again. Its origin, history and various cultural and historical references make it such an interesting thing.

Here are some fun facts you should know about it:

  1. Diamonds are Older than Dinosaurs

Diamonds are older than the dinosaurs. They are billions of years old – approximately 3 billion years old. They are formed some 100 miles below the surface of the earth and come up due to volcanic eruptions. They are 100% carbon and are formed under the pressure and heat below the earth’s surface. The beautiful diamond you see in stores have to go through immense transformation from carbon atoms to crystalline structure.

  1. Ancient History Mentions Diamond

Ancient Romans and Greeks thought diamonds were tears of Gods. They also though that it was splinters form falling stars. Romans also believed that the famous Cupid’s arrow that you know today was tipped with diamonds. Now you know where the notion of diamonds being a symbol of romance come from. These historical fun facts make diamond even more interesting. It definitely makes it more romantic.

  1. Beautiful and Bold

Did you know that Diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth? It takes another diamond to make a scratch on another diamond. It definitely is one of the hardest stones and cannot be destroyed that easily. You can lose the them but you cannot break them. But during the process of making, a diamond stone will lose up to 50% of its original weight. Diamond don’t look shiny as you imagine them to be. Look for jewelers near me if you want to get custom diamond ring made for your engagement.

  1. Ashes to Diamond

Scientists believe that they can turn a human remains into diamond. The ashes are full of carbon and under the right pressure and heat, the carbon atoms can be converted into crystalline form. It is a beautiful thought, but the question is are you willing to do that. You can convert a loved one remains into diamond and have them as a diamond for the rest of your life. It is a beautiful gesture if you are interested. Meanwhile, if you need a diamond engagement ring, all you have to do is look for fine jewelry stores near me.

  1. Diamonds Are Not Always White

Diamonds are always shown as white, shiny and full of light. But not all types of diamonds are white. You will find them in different colors, such as red, blue, pink, yellow, green and so on. But these colored diamonds are rare. White is a very common diamond color that you will find. Besides, white diamond stands out from the rest of them. Its color, shine and design make it so special. A solitaire made of single diamond stone perched on a simple band is one of the most popular diamond ring designs. You can get a custom ring made for your engagement. Look for jewelers near me and get a beautiful diamond ring.

  1. Diamond in the Space

Scientists have revealed that space has diamond. Some dwarf stars have diamond cores and the largest diamond in the universe is 2.27 thousand trillion tons in weight. Let that sink in and you are free to imagine how many diamond rings you can get out of it. It is mind boggling. So, maybe you should focus on what you can get from a fine jewelry near me.

The Bottom Line

Diamond is the most beautiful stone in the world and is a popular choice for engagement rings. The fun facts about the diamond makes it even more interesting. It is a symbol of love and rightly so.

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