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Jewelry Repair Services

We work hard to make our family owned jewelry store in Littleton stand out!

In order to ensure quality results and the fastest turnaround time, all jewelry repairs are performed in-house. With over 80 years of combined work experience in the greater Denver area, our jewelers can deliver on any of your jewelry repair needs. Whether it is a simple clasp repair on a necklace or re-channeling the diamonds on a platinum eternity band – no jewelry repair is too big or too small for us!

Ring Resizing and Adjustment

At Littleton Jewelry, we want our rings to last forever. But if you find that your ring no longer fits or is uncomfortable in any way, we are happy to offer resizing and reshaping services at our location so you can continue to wear your rings through all of life’s changes.

Prong Retipping and Repair

We know that your rings are an investment and as such, we recommend keeping them in tip-top shape to prevent damage and loss. Bring your rings into Littleton Jewelry for an assessment and we can offer our recommendations on any prong re-tipping or repair that might keep your rings at their best.

Rhodium Plating and Gold Restoration

If you have white gold jewelry that is losing its luster and shifting in tone, you may want to consider bringing it to our location for a professional jewelry cleaning. If your white gold needs to be freshened we may recommend rhodium plating which will return the luster to your piece.

Ring Cleaning and Polishing

Always be at your best. If your rings are looking a little less spectacular than they used to, Littleton Jewelry offers ring cleaning in our showroom at no charge, while you wait.- just another way that we show our appreciation for our customers.

Get a Quick Jewelry Repair in Denver

Have an urgent jewelry repair need? Our reliable jewelry repair in Denver provides quick solution you can trust. Our family-owned business is based on personalized services we provide to the community. We understand the need for a highly reliable jewelry repair in Denver, which is why we provide dependable repair service like
jewelry resizing, adjustments and restoration service. Our in-house team will make sure that your jewelry piece are resized or restored to look its best.

Jewelry Repair and Restoration

Whether your beautiful ring needs a quick fix, a little polishing or cleaning, we are up for any jewelry repair job. We can fix a wide range of issues without any hassle. We have more than eight decades of experience in jewelry making and repair services. We use the latest tools and techniques and safe methods to make sure that your jewelry is safely fixed and restored to its previous glory.

Jewelry Resizing and Adjustment

A little jewelry resizing or adjustment can go a long in making your ring look just perfect on the finger. Rest assured that our talented team will fix the ring problem so that you can wear it with pride. We can do resizing of all types of rings from diamond to gold and adjust it to make it look just perfect.

Same Day Ring Resizing and Fast Fix Jewelry Repair by Expert Jewelry Designers in Denver

Are you in need of same day ring resizing and fast fix jewelry repair services in Denver? Look no further than Littleton Jewelry, your trusted destination for all your jewelry needs. Our team of expert jewelry designers in Denver is committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and superior customer service.

At Littleton Fine Jewelry, we understand the sentimental value your jewelry holds, which is why we offer same day ring resizing services to ensure your cherished pieces fit perfectly. Our skilled jewelry designers possess extensive experience in handling intricate designs and precious gemstones, ensuring the utmost care and precision.

Additionally, our fast fix jewelry repair services are tailored to address any issues with your favorite pieces promptly. From chain repairs and prong replacements to stone setting and polishing, our team can handle it all with efficiency and expertise.

Visit our website at to learn more about our comprehensive jewelry services and schedule your same day ring resizing or fast fix jewelry repair appointment today. Trust us with your precious jewelry, and let us restore their beauty and brilliance to perfection.