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Before you analyze on the cognitive value of a true diamond, you need to know the most popular cuts or shapes, the string of loose diamonds, come to you with. Helping you discover the shapes, the coveted stones come up with:

Round shape

The magnificently round shaped diamond is the most preferred cut when it comes to creating exclusive designs on Engagement rings or wedding bands. 

The round cut stone penetrates the maximum amount of light and hence the radiance outshone by this variant of the stone is comparable to none other. On the flip side, the rounded stones are the most expensive ones.

Princess cut

The cut of this diamond stone is as unique and as charming as the name suggests. This cut is also a popular one used for designing Eternity or infinity bands. The cuts of the diamond are usually measured 

Oval cut

Oval cut stones are more or less similar to rounded diamond stones. However the only exception to the shape is the L: W ratio. Check for stones measuring 1.33 and 1.66 when you look for conventional oval cuts.


Have you ever wondered that marquise shaped stones look bigger even on a lower carat scale? 


This variant of the stone has one end pointed while the other one is smooth and round. The conventional L: W ratio measures 1.40: 1.75.


A square cut with corners rounded off paves way for a cushion cut diamond stone. These are popular styles adapted in the latest designs on Wedding cum Engagement bands. The L: W ratio measures 1.0: 1.05.

These are some of the most unique cuts on Loose diamonds. At Littleton Fine Jewelry you can discover signature pieces on fashion jewelry.