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Planning a wedding is a big project, and one of the most fun and exciting aspects is in choosing your wedding bands. For many people, shopping for wedding bands is an add-on to the engagement ring that was purchased before the proposal, while for others, the bands are part of their decision-making process when looking for the ideal engagement ring. 

Whichever group you fall into, there is no shortage of unique and interesting designs that can represent your love for each other as well as her personal style. Before you begin shopping, we’ve created this guide to unique wedding bands and engagement rings to help you find the perfect pieces for your big day. 

We’ll take you through some ring-buying basics and go over some of our favorite unique engagement and wedding band pairings for inspiration and ideas that will help you in picking out the ring that she’s always dreamed of. 

Pairing Bands and Engagement Rings 101

Buying a beautiful  diamond engagement ring is a significant task on its own, but let’s not forget the band that will go with it once you say, “I do.” Wedding bands are meant to be worn for the rest of your life, so it’s important to not overlook these special pieces. 

The ideal wedding band will fit seamlessly with her engagement ring, and accomplishing this requires several factors. As you begin your search for the best  unique wedding bands, here are some basics to keep in mind:


First and foremost, a great wedding band and engagement ring pairing will coordinate in their style and design. It’s not necessary that they are anexact matching set, although that’s a great option, but you’ll want to make sure that they look good together.

For example, a delicate antique diamond engagement ring won’t work as well with a thick, heavy band as it would with a slim pavé band. Just as you took her personal style into account when choosing her engagement ring, you’ll want to keep that at the forefront when choosing a wedding band.


Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll want to make sure that the wedding band you choose will work well in everyday life, as it’s going to be worn for years. For some people,  a simple band is the best choice, and many of these ring styles are available in a comfort band, which has rounded edges on the top and bottom to avoid digging into the fingers. 

Other considerations will be on the placement of the diamonds – do you want them to completely encircle the finger, or will she find it more comfortable to have diamonds only on the front of her finger? 


As mentioned, your lifestyle is important to think about when choosing your wedding band. People who are very active or who work with their hands for a living may prefer a simple, minimalistic wedding band. 

Those with a more sedentary lifestyle can choose a band with fashion in mind rather than looking for something purely functional. And of course, a woman who loves style and elegance can go all out with a brilliant band of sparkling diamonds. 


Depending on the style of your engagement ring and its setting, a standard, straight band might not be the best choice. Often a large center stone with a high setting, or a unique engagement ring with an antique centerstone may require a curved band that can nestle against the engagement ring without creating a gap. 

There are many pre-made options available on their own and as part of unique wedding ring sets, or you can  consider custom designs to make sure you get the perfect fit with her engagement ring. 

Where to Buy the Best Engagement Rings in Denver

After you have decided what you want in your engagement ring, the next thing you need to do is find a store nearby. It is important to look for a jewelry store that is located nearby so that you can quickly exchange in case you need to do it. Besides that, you also need to find a jewelry store that has following qualities: 


You need to find a jewelry store that has many years of experience in selling engagement and bridal rings. Buying it from an experienced jeweler will help you easily find what you are looking for. You can rely on their experience and expertise to assist you in finding perfect engagement rings in Denver.


Find a jewelry store where people are friendly, warm and helpful. This will help you find a ring that is just perfect. Buying an engagement ring is not an easy job. You need a jewelry store where you can feel welcomed and where there are people who can help you choose the best one. Make sure you don’t overlook the quality of customer service when looking for a perfect engagement ring.

-Jewelry Services

Apart from amazing jewelry pieces, make sure that the store also offers other services like jewelry repair, adjustment and resizing. You never know when you might need the help. You don’t have to return the ring just because it doesn’t fit. With a quick resizing, your amazing engagement ring will perfectly fit into your finger. Make sure that they
provide reliable service.

-Custom Engagement Rings in Denver

There is nothing more beautiful than a custom-made engagement ring. When you are looking for a jewelry store, look for stores that offer customized rings service. Make sure that they are willing to accommodate your ideas and requirements so that you can get the ring you want. For instance, a jewelry store offering custom design pieces will first consult you about the designs, style and then create a sketch to make sure that is what you want. Then they will create a prototype and after approval, it will be made to match your needs.

The Bottomline

Finding the right engagement ring is easy and effortless when you know what to look for. Make sure that you look for all the right qualitied when looking for a jewelry store for engagement rings in Denver.