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Fine Watch Repair

At Littleton Jewelry, we specialize in all quartz watch repair and restoration for your valued timepiece in the Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Englewood and Denver, Colorado area.

We know how important your timepiece is to you, and with our expert care – whether you need a simple watch repair or a complete restoration – we work hard to breathe new life into your timepiece so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Watch Battery Replacement

We have replacement watch batteries for most brands of watches, including Seiko. If we don’t have it in the store, we will order the battery that works best for your watch.

Watch Pin Replacement

Sometimes watch pins become loose and slide out on their own accord, separating the links of the watchband. At Littleton Jewelry & Watch, we can replace your watch pins to keep your watch secure.

Watch Crystal Replacement

Crystal, glass or face replacement for your watch due to a cracked, scuffed, or scratched crystal is a delicate process to ensure that you get a properly fitted crystal replacement that will enhance the beauty and function of your watch. Your watch is in good hands at Littleton Jewelry and Watch. We will replace your watch crystal to ensure that your watch is renewed with the beauty of a new crystal face.

Watchband Adjustment

Watchbands often need resizing at various points throughout their life. We handle adjustments and resizing quickly and painlessly so that you can walk out of the store with a well-fitting timepiece.

Watch Movement Replacement

When your watch stops working, we provide watch movement replacement—both mechanical and quartz—to ensure that your watch is functioning in top shape again.

Watch Cleaning

Does your watch need a tune-up? Regular and proper care of your watch can do wonders in keeping your timepiece beautiful and perfectly functioning for years. Stop by our Littleton location for a cleaning or adjustment for your Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, and Denver watch today.

Watch Battery Change Service in Denver

If you are looking for stores that change watch batteries near me, Little Jewelry is your destination. We also provide quick watch repair including changing the batteries. Whether you have a vintage watch or a brand-new hi-tech watch, we can easily change the batteries and make your watch work efficient once again.
We strive to provide reliable watch repair service in Denver so that you can easily get your favorite watch to work again. Our expert technicians will make sure your watch is safely repaired and restored. Save time and effort with our watch repair and replacement services.

Changing Batteries of your Watch

Why changing batteries is so important? Because, your watch is dependent on it. If you are having problem with your watch, chances are that the batteries need replacing. We can quickly and safely remove and change batteries of your watch. We can replace batteries for all types of watch. And, if we don’t have batteries for the watch brand you have, don’t worry we can order it for you.
Besides changing the batteries, we can clean, restore, adjust watchband, replace pin and fix all types of watch problems. You can rely on our expert in-house technicians to take acre of all your needs. Need more information about our services?
Give us a quick call at (303) 794-4310 and connect with us.